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Published by                                       The Catoctin Banner Newspaper                                     October  2017            Page 9

             Look Who Took Us Along!                                                               Play Our Games!

                                                                                        Each month, you’re invited to participate in our Where Am I? Photo Contest
                                                                                        and Hidden Object Game. The winners of each game are announced in the next
                                                                                        issue  of  The  Catoctin  Banner  newspaper.  Winners  are  given  a  gift  certificate
                                                                                        to the advertiser of their choice. To participate, call 240-288-0108 or email
                                                                               to record your guesses by the 15  of each month.
                                                                                        Please don’t forget to spell your full name and leave your phone number.

                                                                                                Where Am I? Photo Contest

                                                                                          For the “Where Am I?” Photo
                                                                                        Contest, take a look at the photo
                                                                                        to the right and tell us where it
                                                                                        was taken. It is somewhere in or
                                                                                        around our Northern Frederick
                                                                                        County Area, which is defined
                                                                                        as Rocky Ridge to Cascade,
                                                                                        Lewistown to Emmitsburg,
                  Ray and Rose Brown, Niki Eyler, and Dennis McGlaughlin                Foxville to Creagerstown, and
                  didn’t forget to take the Banner with them on their visit to          everywhere around and in-
                  Couples San Souci in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, in June 2017.               between.
                                                                                          Last month’s “Where Am
                                                                                        I?” photo was taken of the
                — Thanks for taking us along, Ray, Rose, Niki, and Dennis!              mural at the Community Park
                                                                                        in Thurmont. The winner of
                                                                                        the “Where Am I?” Contest for
                                                                                        September’s issue is Amanda

                                                                                                     Hidden Object Contest

                                                                                          Last month’s Hidden Object was a baby pacifier. It was located on page
                                                                                       17 in the CHS Class of 2018 Safe and Sane advertisement. The winner of the
                                                                                       Hidden Object game for September’s issue is Karen Fritz. Please contact The
                                                                                       Catoctin Banner to claim your prize.

                                                                                          This month’s Hidden Object is Winnie the Pooh   .  Good luck!

                                                                                          Note: Hidden Object is always hidden in one of our advertiser’s display ads.

                                                                                        Patronize Our Advertisers!

                                                                                                                    The Catoctin Banner exists due to the
                                                                                                                    advertising  support of  those  featured  in each  issue.
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