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            Milestone Hypnosis Opens in                                                Time Out Float Center Opens Soon

            Thurmont                                                                   in Catoctin Area

               Deb Abraham Spalding                                                       Deb Abraham Spalding

               Sharon Edmondson (pictured                                                 Hoping to get some                               Photo by Deb Abraham Spalding
            right) became a certified                                                  relief from a pain or injury?
            hypnotherapist in 2001. Around                                             What about improving your
            that time, while visiting Dr. John                                         cardiovascular health and
            Hagemann at the Center of Life                                             reducing stress and anxiety?
            Chiropractic Center, he shared his                                         Maybe a good night’s rest is what
            vision of The Center of Life Holistic                                      you are trying to find. Floating is
            Center that has since come to be.                                          an increasingly popular form of
            Sharon’s hypnotherapy office is now                                        therapy that can help. And, it’s
            open in the Holistic Center, located at                                    much more exciting than going
            103 Park Lane in Thurmont.                                                 to the doctor’s office or standing
               She currently has a clinical                                            in the prescription line.
            certification in trans-personal                                               The Time Out Float Center
            hypnotherapy, where she engages                                            will be located at 224 N. Church
            mind, body, and spirit. To prepare for                                     Street in the Thurmont Plaza.   Michael Blevins is shown in front of his Time Out Float
            a session, Sharon works with each                                          The projected opening is January,   vehicle, equipped to transport wheelchair-bound
            client to develop a plan to achieve                                        and with the holidays coming up,   individuals to give them access to float therapy services.
            goals during the therapy.                                                  owner Michael Blevins, wants
               Formerly a food and beverage                                            folks to be in the know because he’s   not know exist. At that point, the
            manager, turned event planner,                                             offering a pre-opening member sign-   possibilities are endless!
            Sharon just received an advanced        Many people can’t identify a specific   up special: a FREE float session. It’s   Michael is the only light therapy
            hypnotherapy certification and will   problem like an obvious addiction.   as simple as visiting the website and   service center in the state of Maryland.
            complete her master’s certificate to   Be assured, you don’t have to know   signing up.                          There are only thirty-five light therapy
            allow for a broader range of therapies.   what’s wrong, just your direction.   Blevins grew up in Thurmont. A    providers in the United States.
            Therapies range from relief from      Together with Sharon, you can achieve   dog trainer, steam fitter, and paint   The Center’s space will be fully
            addictions, to weight loss, pain relief,   even the ambiguous by identifying the   welder by trade, he has shifted his   renovated, with six tank rooms that
            stress relief, ending bad habits, and   end goal. Your subconscious mind   life’s goals, as a result of a spiritual   have showers. A restroom is located
            a relief from obsessive compulsive    wants what’s best for you. Hypnosis   awakening that took place for him    outside of the room. The float takes
            tendencies. “These are all learned    talks to your subconscience mind while   about eighteen years ago. Now, he has   place in a highly concentrated Epson
            behaviors,” she explained, “We aren’t   the logical mind is in an altered relaxed   clear direction to help other people   Salt bath, in a big fiberglass tank that
            born with these behaviors. Hypnosis   state.                               and has attended the Monroe Institute   has a lid.
            helps us to allow a healthy behavior    In comparison to the group         in Virginia for training. He has also    When you enter the Time Out
            to replace the harmful behavior.”     weight-loss or smoking cessation,    completed an apprenticeship at the    Float Center, a receptionist logs you in,
               When hypnotized, a person          hypnotherapists you may see          Chrystal Waters Float Spa in Tolle,   walks you to the room, and explains
            simply achieves a very deep level     advertised at local hotels for group   Utah.                               what to do during the float. You
            of relaxation with a focused intent.   sessions, Sharon said, “Nine out of ten   By opening the float center, he is   shower before you enter the tank, so
            It is not a trance. You are always    people in a group setting don’t get it.   creating a facility where his clients can   you don’t get oils in the tank, and you
            in control with hypnosis. You can     That leaves ninety out of a hundred   work to achieve desired results in many   shower when you get out of the tank,
            always come out of the relaxed state.   thinking hypnotherapy will not work,   different areas of their lives. You can   so you don’t leave with salt residue on you.
            A hypnotherapist gives positive       that it’s a circus act.”             simply lie back in the magical waters of   A chemical injection pump cleans
            suggestions to implement the change.    For clients under a doctor’s care,   the float pod and receive the wonderful   the tank water between clients.
            Sometimes it takes a few sessions to   hypnosis can help to compliment a   healing properties of the Epson salts.  Shampoo, conditioner, soap dispensers,
            interrupt a behavior. You need to     doctor’s regimen. Pain in our bodies    In addition to float therapy, Time   and towels are provided. When
            reinforce the suggestions to make     tells us that something isn’t right. So,   Out Float Center will provide light   finished in the tank room, you exit the
            them stick.                           a client may say to Sharon, “Here’s   journeys by Lucia no3 and the Pandora   room after dressing to free it up for the
               Sharon, herself, was a patient of   what my doctor said…” and share the   star. Both are hypnogogic light     next person. A styling room is the next
            hypnosis for her smoking addiction.   diagnosis so she can specifically set   machines, capable of inducing altered   stop, where you can do your hair, etc.
            It took about three sessions to change   goals for relief. A ten-year-old girl with   states of consciousness. A special type   The benefits of these therapies are
            the behavior, but she never went back.   irritable bowel syndrome was her most   of audio guidance called Hemispherical   many, including relaxation, meditation,
            Hypnosis didn’t change the situation,   significant success so far in her career.  Synchronization® (Hemi-Sync for   relief from pain, faster recovery from
            it changed the way she reacted to the   There are package discounts, new   short), engineered and patented by    injury, improved sleep and mood.
            situation. She has never needed more   customer discounts, and referral    the Monroe institute in Virginia, can    Everyone is a potential customer at
            hypnosis sessions for smoking. She    discounts. If you currently see Dr.   be used for your light journey or your   the Float Center. The customer just has
            said, “Once it takes, you’re good.”   John, or any of the massage therapists   floating experience. It’s like meditation   to have the intent to stop feeling bad
               Sharon recommends a package of     at Center of Life, you will receive a   on steroids.                       and start feeling healthy and happy.
            three sessions. During the first session,   discount. “I want this to be affordable   When someone chooses to go inside   Anything is possible. Start the healing
            the client is usually nervous and     to many,” she explained. “I just love   and do some work on themselves,    process and feel the layers of stress fall
            focused on what the hypnotherapist    the holistic avenues. We can help so   for whatever reason, it helps to    away. It’s up to you. It’s always been
            is saying, therefore not relaxed yet.   many.”                             have some tools in your backpack      up to you.
            But the second time, the client is      To contact Milestones Hypnosis,    that you can use. Floating and the       For more information, view the
            more relaxed and focused on fixing    reference the ad on page 8, visit    light journey, combined with the      advertisement on the back cover, visit
            the behavior. In the third session,, call 240-    audio guidance called Hemispherical   FloatationTankTherapyInMaryland.
            the client reinforces what has been   674-3071, or email milestonesgoals@  Synchronization®, gives the user a    com, email,
            learned.                                               brand new set of tools that they might   or call 240-549-4019.
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