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                       Play Our Games!                                                                               All of  us at  The Catoctin Banner  would
                                                                                                                     like  to  thank  our  wonderful  readers  for
                                                                                                                     sending  us  their  “Take  Us  Along”  photos.
                                                                                                                     Keep them coming! Happy and safe travels!
             Each month, you’re invited to participate in our Where Am I? Photo Contest
             and Hidden Object Game. The winners of each game are announced in the next
             issue of  The Catoctin Banner  newspaper.  Winners  are  given  a  gift  certificate   Look Who Took Us Along!
             to the advertiser of their choice. To participate, call 240-288-0108 or email
    to record your guesses by the 15  of each
             month. Please don’t forget to spell your full name and leave your phone number.

                      Where Am I? Photo Contest

             For the “Where Am I?” Photo
             Contest, take a look at the
             photo to the right and tell
             us where it was taken. It is
             somewhere in or around our                                                      — Thanks
             Northern Frederick County                                                      for taking us
             Area, which is defined as Rocky
             Ridge to Cascade, Lewistown                                                   along to Japan,
             to Emmitsburg, Foxville to                                                        Marty!
             Creagerstown, and everywhere
             around and in-between.
               Last month’s “Where Am I?”
             photo was taken of St. Joseph’s                                               Marty Burns traveled to Iwakuni, Japan, on a business trip in December
             Catholic Church in Emmitsburg.
               The winner of the Where                                                     2017, and took The Catoctin Banner along! Marine Corps Air Station,
             Am I? Photo Contest for July’s         Standing where in the 1930s?           Iwakuni (MCAS Iwakuni) is home of Marine Aircraft Group 12 (MAG-
             issue is Kathy Cogan.
                                                                                           12).  This U.S. Military Installation provides a forward presence of U.S.
                                                                                           capabilities in Japan. It has multiple squadrons of F-18 Hornets, and the
                          Hidden Object Contest                                            first forward deployed squadron of the F-35 Lighting (picture). The F-35

                                                                                           is the most advanced fighter in the U.S. inventory and this “B” variant that
             Last month’s Hidden Object was a bomb. It was located on page 42 in
             the Spikes Auto Care & Tire advertisement. The winner of the Hidden           can take off and land vertically. It can hover like a helicopter and replaces
             Object game for July’s issue is Scott & Stephanie Biser. Please contact       the aging Harrier.
             The Catoctin Banner to claim your prize.

             This month’s Hidden Object is a butterfly     .  Good luck!

               Note: Hidden Object is always hidden in one of our advertiser’s display ads.

                   Pets bring so much to our lives: they make us healthier, they keep us active, they
                   brighten our mood, and so much more! We want to see your adorable photos
                   of your pet. So, send in your “best photo” of your “best buddy” and your pet       Test Your Word Power
                   could be featured as “Pet of the Month” in a future issue. E-mail your pet photo,
                                                                                                        Test Your Word Power
                   along with your pet’s name, breed, age, and any other fun details you would        “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”
                   like us to know about your “best buddy,” to:
                                                                                                                      (Answers on page 46)

                                                                                          1. A s c er t ai n  [asərtān] (v.)  4.  Imp i s h   [impiSH] (adj.)
                                              The goal of The Catoctin Banner is to provide good   a) Disappear suddenly and completely; vanish   a) Inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun;
                                               community news and information for residents of   in to thin air                mischievous
                                              Northern Frederick County and surrounding areas,   b) Find out or learn for certain; make sure of  b) Stubborn as a mule; headstrong
                                               promoting a sense of community pride and spirit.  c) Throw in various, random directions  c) Showing a lack of courage or confidence; easily
               Serving Northern Frederick County, Maryland                                                                     frightened
                          Since 1995          Published on or before the beginning of each month. Publish
             515B E. Main Street • Emmitsburg, MD  21727 date will be early if holidays or events warrant adjustment.  2. E m pa t hi c   [empathik] (adj.)  5.  Apo pl ec t i c [apəplektik] (adj.)
                 Phone: 240-288-0108 Message Line  AD/CONTENT DEADLINE:  On or before the 15  of month   a) Careless and unsystematic; lackadaisical  a) No longer feeling distressed or anxious
              301-447-2804 Store  •  Fax: 301-447-2946  prior to issue month. YEARLY SUBSCRIPTIONS: $25.00  b) Tending to clear someone of blame or guilt;   b) In or according to styles or types no longer
          The Banner Crew: Barbara Abraham, Jeanne Angleberger, Theresa   exonerate         current or common
                email:  Dardanell, Anita DiGregory, Joan Fry, Jim Houck, Jr., Christine   c) The ability to understand other people’s
                                             Maccabee, John Nickerson, Valerie Nusbaum, Maxine Troxell, Buck   feelings; compassionate  c) So overcome with anger, can barely
              CIRCULATION: 11,500 copies printed; 8,500 mailed to all   Reed, Denise Valentine, Dr. Lo, Jack Davis, and Jack Walker.  communicate; extremely indignant
               homes in Thurmont, Lewistown, Rocky Ridge, Cascade,   Gracie Eyler, Monica Rode, Blair Garrett, and Elizabeth   3. Chag r i n  [SHəɡrin] (n.)
             Sabillasville & Emmitsburg, and handouts in surrounding areas.  Swindells, Advertising Sales and Design;  a) A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction   6.  Ag g r eg a t e  [agrigət] (n.)
                                                 Michele Tester, Managing Editor and Layout Design;   b) Distress or embarrassment at having failed   a) A person who fights or argues for a cause
                    Published as a project of         James Rada, Jr., Contributing Editor;   or been humiliated              b) A whole formed by combining several elements
               E Plus Graphics, Printing & Promotions   Deb Abraham Spalding, Publisher     c) The degree of excellence of something  c) An act of giving one thing and receiving another
             POLICY:   The publisher of The Catoctin Banner reserves the right to revise, reclassify, or reject any advertisement or any article for any
             reason, at any time, and to omit all copy when not submitted in time to conform with deadline.  The views expressed in advertisements may   7. W hi c h w o r d  abo v e  w o ul d w o r k  bes t   i n t hi s   s en t en c e ?
             not be those supported by the staff of The Catoctin Banner.  The deadline for submission is no later than the 20th of the month prior to the   The council was an _______  of three regional assemblies.
             issue month.  Information and advertising copy received after the deadline will be accepted at the discretion of the publisher.  The publisher
             assumes no liability for misinformation, misprinting, or typographical errors.  The publisher reserves the right to edit all submitted material.
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