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            Chris Mills is Fixing Your Plumbing  Quality Remains Through

            with Precision                                                             Ownership Transition at Quality

               Elizabeth Swindells                                                     Tire & Auto in Emmitsburg

                                                                                          Blair Garrett
               Chris Mills has been “in the                     Photo by Elizabeth Swindells
            biz,” the plumbing business, for
            twenty-seven years. He started                                                A breath of                                           Photo by Blair Garrett
            working with his father after                                              fresh air has blown
            he graduated high school. Over                                             in to Emmitsburg’s
            the years, he has worked for                                               Quality Tire and
            multiple plumbing companies                                                Auto, where new
            and gained valuable experience.                                            owner Ron Walter
            Six months ago, he took that                                               has continued to
            experience and opened his own                                              push consistency in
            plumbing company, Precision                                                a business that has
            Plumbing, serving Maryland and                                             been running for
            Pennsylvania.                                                              over forty years.
               “I got to the point that I was                                             Former owner
            tired of making other people                                               Bob Mort left big
            money, and I decided it was time                                           shoes to fill, but
            to start making my own,” said                                              Ron and his wife,
            Chris.                                                                     Maureen, have hit
               Chris is keeping up the                                                 the ground running      Pictured is Ron Walter, new owner of Quality Tire and Auto in
            tradition of a “family business.”                                          after taking over                         Emmitsburg.
            His only other employee is his                                             ownership in June
            son, Indy. Indy, a college student                                         2018.                                 skills that ultimately led him to
            and a wrestling coach, works part-  Pictured is Chris Mills, owner of Precision Plumbing.  “There’re lots of people who   take the reins as owner of his own
            time with Chris. Chris’ intention                                          come in and wonder where Bob          business. But, even though Walter
            is to keep his business small and     specializes in water treatment. “I   went,” Walter said. “It’s good to let   boasts a lifetime of experience, the
            focused on serving the community      enjoy doing neutralizers and water   them know we’re going to help them    transition to becoming a first-time
            on a smaller scale. Being just a two-  softeners.”                         and keep it a tire business.”         business owner can be tough to
            man business, customer service is a     Chris explained that water            In a small town, it can be difficult   adjust to without a solid support
            major point of interest for Precision   treatment involves, “Filtering the   to find a knowledgeable mechanic    system.
            Plumbing.                             water to take out any calcium and    that people trust who will offer         Fortunately for Ron and
               As a small company, with lower     neutralizing the acidity in the water.”   them good service and a fair deal.   Maureen, who are Thurmont
            overhead, he is able to offer fair    You’ll notice calcium as a crusty    Choosing the right auto mechanic      residents, business has been steady
            rates and 24/7 service. If there      build-up on your drains. With this   can often be a life-long professional   enough to grease the wheels heading
            is a plumbing emergency, he is        build up, your clothes may be “hard”   relationship. Walter has managed    into the family’s new role. “It’s been
            available at all hours of the day     and your skin and hair may be dry.   to calm speculation that Quality      so busy, we haven’t really had a
            and night to control the situation.     If you’re in need of water         Tire might close down, offering       lot of time to think about it,” said
            Chris also offers a 10 percent        treatment, give Chris a call! He will   locals who have been serviced at   Walter.
            discount to both seniors and active   be happy to help. He also does the   the company prior to his arrival the     As the two begin to settle into
            military personnel. Chris genuinely   repair, replacement, and installation   quality they have come to expect.    being first-time business owners, and
            cares to serve and give back to his   of faucets, toilets, water lines, well   “Everyone was afraid it was       as customers continue lining up for
            community.                            pumps, and so much more. Contact     just going to close down, and all     all of their tire services, the move
               Although he prefers residential    Chris at 717-778-8429 or by email:   the local people were going to be     has inspired a bit of confidence
            service, he also has extensive       without someone to help them,”        about the future of Quality Tire and
            experience in commercial plumbing.    Check out Precision Plumbing’s       Walter said. “So, we’ve been able to   Auto.
            He offers all general plumbing, but   advertisement on page 4.             take over that and hopefully be able     “I was a little worried about
                                                                                       to continue the same thing Bob was    the transition, but everything went
                                                                                       doing.”                               really smoothly, and Ron has picked
                                                                                          While the business is still brand   up on everything so well,” said
                                                                                       new for the Walter family, the two    Maureen Walter.
                                                                                       have big plans for Quality Tire and      Despite the whirlwind of changes
                                                                                       Auto in the near future. “We haven’t   over the past two months, all signs
                                                                                       gotten into auto repairs yet; we are   point to Quality Tire and Auto
                                                     Deer Run Farm                     waiting to get more organized and     keeping the local tire business
                                                                                                                             thriving for years to come. Call
                                                                                       clean up to make more room. Once
                                                                                       we do, we’re probably going to get    Quality Tire for more information
                                                     Farmers’ Market Season is Here!   into auto repairs.”                   at 301-447-2909 or visit the
                                                            Thursdays, 12:30-6:
                                                       Fulks Corner Market in Gaithersburg.  Walter spent the past thirty-five   station at 17650 Creamery Road in
                                                              Fridays, 10-2:           years as a mechanic, honing his       Emmitsburg.
                                                      Key City Food & Farm Market, Frederick.
                                                             Saturdays, 9-12:
                                                      Thurmont Main Street Market, Thurmont.
                                                              Saturdays, 9-1:                                        P a t r o n i z e   o u r   a d v e r t i s e r s !
                                                       Maple Lawn Farmers’ Market, Fulton.
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