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            Yugen Tribe Creates Space Inspired Jewelry from Office in Emmitsburg

               Blair Garrett

               Tucked away in the mountains                                                                                  we’ll set it into this brooch (shown
            of northern Maryland lies a hidden                                                                               above), which she can attach to her
            gem not visible to the naked eye.                                            (left) Pictured is Lauren Beachman,   bouquet, so he can still walk her
               A combination of fine attention                                           Yugen Tribe creater and owner.      down the aisle.”
            to detail and a deep appreciation                                                                                   The personal touch of these
            of outer space has Yugen Tribe                                                                                   items seems to be the catalyst for
            of Emmitsburg creating intricate                                                                                 the Tribe’s online success. The
            keepsakes and jewelry for people                                                                                 stories from customers behind
            around the world.                                                                                                personalized pieces give meaning
               While the company’s reach                                                                                     to the work Yugen Tribe does. This
            has expanded to nearly every                                                      (below) A bouquet charm, one of the   builds a relationship that would
                                                                                               many unique keepsakes and jewelry
            country on the planet, the business                                               designed and created at Yugen Tribe.  normally be lost through a large
            originally started on the shoulders                                                                              corporation. “They share personal
            of one woman, Lauren Beacham.                                                                                    stories about who these people
            “It started almost eleven years                                                                                  were to them,” Elbourn said.
            ago,” she said. “I was working                                                                                   “It makes you feel connected to
            as a gallery director in Frederick.                                                                              people.”
            I started making jewelry out of                                                                                     Despite all of the personal
            my own photographs, and it just                                                                                  success for the duo, there has
            started getting more and more                                                                                    always been a major focus on
            popular. Eventually, I was able to                                                                               giving back to the community and
            quit my job and do it full time.”                                                                                growing businesses. “One of the
               Beacham’s artistic background        Yugen Tribe’s variety of                                                 other things I really like doing is
            paired beautifully with her scientific   space-inspired jewelry has been                                         supporting other small businesses,
            interests, building the foundation    featured in magazines, catalogs,                                           especially women-owned
            for her business to become what       and science-dedicated websites,                                            businesses,” Beacham said. Yugen
            it is today. “I started designing     catapulting its popularity into the                                        Tribe gives back quarterly, donating
            jewelry about outer space, which      stratosphere. “We started getting                                          money to various organizations,
            was very niche, and I had no idea     attention from very big catalogs,                                          including The Planetary Society,
            how it was going to go, but it really   museums, companies, internet                                             The Nature Conservancy, and The
            took off.”                            phenomenon, and it totally took                                            National Humane Society.
                                                  off.”                                                                         Developing a new business
                                                    With the ever-growing influx                                             and taking the plunge to put all
                                                  of business opportunities and                         Photos Courtesy of Yugen Tribe  efforts into a new business can be
                                                  demand of production, Beacham                                              a daunting task. For Beacham, her
                                                  decided to branch out. She put the   to design new and interesting pieces   skill set gave her a unique talent
                                                  fourteen-hour workdays behind her,   for jewelry lovers everywhere.        that turned her ideas and creativity
                                                  bringing in fellow science enthusiast   In addition to the space-themed    into a profession. Space-inspired
                                                  Brittany Elbourn to help balance     necklaces and bracelets, Yugen        jewelry is a hard market to crack,
                                                  the vast needs of the business.      Tribe has worked on a line of         but fortunately, she has learned
                                                    “It’s a combination of             heirloom pieces that provide special   quite a bit along the way.
                                                  production, design, marketing,       memories for their customers.            “It could turn out to be a
                                                  and customer service,” explained        “We take customer photographs      total failure or it could be really
                                                  Beacham. “It’s just us two and we    and put them into our jewelry,        amazing,” said Beacham. “But it
                                                  do everything.”                      which tends to be more on the         turns out, the world is a whole lot
                                                    Between handling personal          vintage side of things,” Beacham      nerdier than we thought.”
                                                  items for customers and the nearly   said. “We also do memorial stuff.        For more information about
                                                  six-month-long production boom       A really popular seller is a bouquet   Yugen Tribe, please call 240-415-
                                                  for the holidays, the women of       charm. If a bride’s father passed     8137 or email hello@yugentribe.
                                                  Yugen Tribe continue to find time    away, she’ll send us his photograph;   com.
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