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                      Emmitsburg                     F r o m  the                                   Thurmont                    F r o m  the
                        Mayor Don Briggs                M a y o r                                  Mayor John Kinnaird              M a y o r

               The new signs about the square, “Old Main Streets,” are part of  the State of     We have been having wild weather so far this year. Recently, two sets of
            Maryland Tourism program. Its promotional anthem is: “Vibrant streets invite   thunderstorms managed to knock out some of  our electric service. These outages
            visitors to explore history, heritage, and architecture, while savoring the flavor of    can be very inconvenient, regardless of  how quickly power is restored. When
            local shops, eateries, and lodging.” The signs accurately reflect the vibrancy enfolding   power goes out, you can call the town to report the outage by dialling 301-271-
            in our downtown. The square is special again, not just something left to speed   7313. After regular business hours, you will be instructed as to how to speak to an
            through. Embellished now with enhanced crosswalks, the Mount four-faced clock,   electric department employee. Please keep in mind that after power goes out many
            flowers blooming, and the commemorative centerpiece to the fountain where it was   people are calling to report the outage, and, more than likely, our crew is aware of
            once set. New businesses, possibly a new restaurant, and new homes are coming to   the situation. It can take some time for our crew to come in and get their trucks
            our town. To the square sidewalk revitalization, “If  you build it, they will come.” Our   out, then it can take some time to identify the problem and repair the damages. I am
            grant request from the Heart of  the Civil War Heritage Area for three interpretive   happy to report that outages in Thurmont are repaired fairly quickly due to the size
            signs for the old square fountain, Doughboy, and Emmit House was approved. The   of  our service area and our hardworking crew. We have also had several heavy rains
            signs will be like those in other historic towns, on a stand that will contain a picture   recently that caused flooding of  several streets. This flooding is something we have
            and a narrative for each landmark. Walk, walk, walk…the town is connected, so let’s   little control over, other than to close flooded roads to traffic. If  you come upon
            get out of  the cars and walk to the downtown and the parks.               a flooded road, especially one that has barricades, please do not attempt to drive
               Good to see landscaping going in around the square, and this fall will come the   through the water. Remember, when you encounter flooded roads: Turn around,
            trees to complete the revitalization taking place up and down Main Street. Green soon   don’t drown!
            will line our downtown. Our community parts of  Pembrook Woods and Brookfield   The summer brings with it long outdoor days, working or playing. When you
            to the west are now connected by sidewalks, as are the homes along Route 140 west   are outdoors, please wear sunscreen and a hat. Be especially careful with children,
            of  the Doughboy. The approach coming into town from the west, looking up Main   and make sure they have sufficient sunscreen while outdoors playing or swimming.
            Street, now paralleled with sidewalks on both sides, is inviting.          A childhood sunburn can lead to skin cancer later in life. When we were young,
               The Farmers Market opened in June with thirteen vendors, fresh vegetables,   sun block was not as available as it is today, and many of  us now suffer from
            and more. Stop by the farmers market on South Seton Avenue through September,   skin cancers that were preventable. Do your kids a favor and make sure they are
            Fridays, from 3:00–6:30 p.m.                                               protected while outdoors;they will thank you for it later in life.
               Great initiative of  the Emmitsburg Business and Professional Association on a   The Thurmont Main Street Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning,
            trash pick-up brigade. Much appreciated. Thank you to that lady who weeds, waters,   from 9:00 a.m.-noon. There is always a great selection of  locally grown produce,
            and picks up trash around the square. She’s back at it for, what, the sixth year?  fruit, locally raised Red Angus beef, local pork products, fresh cut flowers, delicious
               Great to have a pool. Great to have a new pool. In all, 437 swimmers used the pool   baked goods, jams, and many handcrafted goodies. Be sure to get there early for the
            on Community Heritage Day in the first month. Over 5,700 sun lover’s made trips to   best selection, and bring your friends!
            the pool, almost tripling the 2016 same period of  use. Thank you to those who choose   This summer, there will be two carnivals in Thurmont, something we older
            to make those anonymous gifts so that families can use the new pool this summer.   residents remember from years ago. The Thurmont Community Ambulance Service
            Also, thank you to our town staff  for all the hard, high-pressure work needed to make   will be hosting a carnival at its Events Complex, located on Strafford Drive in
            sure the pool was finished for the summer season. With a pool and a 14-mile multi-  Thurmont. The carnival will be held from August 21 through August 25, and will
            use trail, exercise trail, and dog park, very few towns offer the passive and active   feature live entertainment, nightly. Kids will enjoy all-you-can-ride fun for one
            recreational choices of  Emmitsburg.                                       low price each evening. There will be a nightly buffet, homemade food, games, and
               Final Pool Party will be Friday, August 17, from 6:00–8:00 p.m. Cost is a   raffles. I hope to see you there.
            $1.00 admission. The party will feature a DJ, free hot dogs, lemonade, and maybe   As always, you can contact me with questions, concerns, or complements at 301-
            McDonald’s hamburgers.                                                     606-9458 or at
               We had wonderful summer visits from the Frederick Rescue Mission summer
            campers. All forty-eight strong. The first visit started off  in the Community Park
            pavilion with a magic show by our Michael Cantori, pizza from Stavros for lunch,
            and then up to the pool. On the second visit, there was a stop at the Carriage House                     P a t r o n i z e   o u r   a d v e r t i s e r s !
            for lunch and dining etiquette lessons, then up to the Frederick County Fire Rescue
            Museum and National Fire Heritage Center. One more visit is scheduled for an                             The Catoctin Banner  newspaper exists due to the
            August swim.                                                                 Your Good News Newspaper    advertising support of those featured in each issue.
               The Town election is coming up at the end of  September, with two, three-year
            term council member seats. The deadline to file is 4:00 p.m. on August 27.    news@ thecatoctinb anner .com • www .catoctinb anner .com
               Farewell to our planner Sue Cipperly. After a decade with the town, she is retiring.
            Her role as an umpire calling the balls and strikes for development expanded to grant
            writing and being a part of  the Square-sidewalk project. Job, well done! Her attention
            to detail will be hard to replace.
               Welcome to Zachary R. Gulden, our new town planner. Zach holds a B.S. and
            MPA degrees.
               It’s summer. Enjoy. Be careful in your travels.
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