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Page 14             February 2018                                   The Catoctin Banner Newspaper                                      Published by
            Calvin Bittner Dances at the White                                         Experience Art In Motion! ESP

            House                                                                      Entertains the Community

               Jim Bittner                                  Photo Courtesy of The White House                                                Photo by Andrea Mitchener
            of Sabillasville                                                              Experience
            is proud of                                                                Art In Motion!
            his grandson,                                                              ESP Performing
            Calvin Bittner,                                                            Company’s
            son of Aaron                                                               annual
            Bittner and                                                                showcase
            wife, Linda,                                                               fundraiser has
            of North                                                                   blossomed
            Carolina.                                                                  into a fun
               Calvin                                                                  evening out
            is currently                                                               for the entire
            dancing and                                                                Thurmont/
            choreographing                                                             Emmitsburg
            with a company                                                             community.
            called Vivid                                                                  “It has been
            Ballet, in                                                                 wonderful to
            Hartford,                                                                  see the way the
            Connecticut.                                                               community has                      ESP Performing Company
            He danced        Calvin Bittner lifts a ballerina during a dance in the White House. Melania   embraced our
            at the White                          Trump looks on.                      dance showcase. They really take      have already won numerous awards
            House in                                                                   pride in seeing the award-winning     this season. The dancers are excited
            December. “It was a very last minute, out-of-the-blue opportunity. I was quite   ESP dancers on stage. You no longer   to present these performances
            nervous, but also very excited to have the opportunity. We had a few moments   have to travel to Washington, D.C.   to the community, as well as
            in the space to rehearse before the event, and the flow of the event was taken   to see high caliber live dance and   continuing to travel the east coast
            from the First Lady’s movements. She was very pleased with the event, clapping   choreography. You only have to go   this competition season.
            and laughing for us at the end.”                                           as far as the Catoctin High School       Mike of Mike Miller
                                                                                       auditorium!” emphasized Stacie        Photography said “I love taking
                                                                                       Zelenka, parent organizer.            pictures of the ESP Performing
                       Turn to page 9 to play the Where Am I? and Hidden                  The annual ESP Showcase            Company at the Showcase. The ESP
                       Object  games!  How  strong  is  your  vocabulary               fundraiser will take place on         dancers always put on a fantastic
                       knowledge? Take our Word Power Test to find out!                Saturday, February 24, 2018, at 7:00   show. Their grace, energy, and
                                                                                       p.m. in the auditorium at Catoctin    talent sure make for some beautiful
                                                                                       High School. Advance tickets are      pictures, but they are even more
                                                                                       $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for       amazing live. I hope everyone
                                                                                       students. There will be basket        comes out to see them on stage
                                                                                       raffles, 50/50s, concessions, and     and support the company. ESP is a
                                                                                       flowers available                                     wonderful gift to
                                                                                       for purchase.                                         our community.
                                                                                          This year’s                                        The Showcase will
                                                                                       showcase                                              not disappoint!”
                                                                                       will, again,                                             Tickets may
                                                                                       feature Maggie                                        be purchased
                                                                                       Kudirka “The                                          through any
                                                                                       Bald Ballerina”                                       ESP Performing
                                                                                       (pictured                                             Company member
                                                                                       right). Maggie                                        or at ESP Dance
                                                                                       is an amazing                                         Studio, located at
                                                                                       dancer and an                                         15 Water Street
                                                                                       outstanding                                           in Thurmont
                                                                                       young lady, who                                       (301-271-7458).
                                                                                       was diagnosed                                         Registration is still
                                                                                       in 2014 with                                          open for spring
                                                                                       stage 4 metastatic                                    2018 classes at the
                                                                                       breast cancer                                         studio, culminating
                                                                                       while dancing                         Photo by Andrew Holtz  with the annual
                                                                                       with The Joffrey                                      recital “ESP And
                                                                                       Ballet Concert Group. She has         The Chocolate Factory” at the
                                                                                       been dancing since she was four       Weinberg Center on Saturday, June
                                                                                       years old. She shares her journey     16. All levels of classes are available.
                                                                                       and speaks to groups around the       ESP specializes in many types of
                                                                                       country to help bring awareness       dance, including tap, ballet, jazz, hip
                                                                                       about metastatic breast cancer.       hop, lyrical, acro dance, and pointe.
                                                                                       Maggie also teaches master ballet     Participating in dance class is a great
                                                                                       classes and continues to dance        way to build confidence, strength,
                                                                                       while fighting this terminal disease.   and have tons of fun! Check ESP
                                                                                       You can follow Maggie on her Bald     out on Facebook: ESP Dance and
                                                                                       Ballerina Facebook page.              ESP Performing Company. Please
                                                                                          The choreography and dances        support ESP Performing Company
                                                                                       presented by ESP in the showcase      and help Keep Art Alive!
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