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            For ty-two Years of Ser vice to Emmitsburg

               James Rada, Jr.

               For nearly half of his life, Pat     “The mayor at the time, Richard    people who wanted to do
            Boyle (shown right) has been there    Sprankle, was my brother-in-law. He   something that wasn’t in
            when Emmitsburg needed help.          asked me to serve, and I said, ‘yes,’”   the zoning ordinance. They
            Over the past forty-two years,        recalled Boyle.                      would come into the store
            he has served on the Planning           He was one of three members        and complain and make a
            and Zoning Commission, Parks          who would be guiding Emmitsburg      fuss.”
            and Recreation Committee,             through some of its growing pains.      Boyle resigned from
            Emmitsburg Commissioner, Zoning       County officials visited Emmitsburg   the position after seven
            Administrator, and as a Board of      to help train the new board on what   months, but by then he had                                            Photo by Deb Abraham Spalding
            Appeals member.                       their function and responsibilities   lost a couple of friends.
               This past January, he finally      would be. At the time, Emmitsburg       Because of his work as
            decided to step back when he          had about half of the population     a baseball coach, his next
            resigned from the planning            that it does today and fewer         foray into public service
            commission. “I’m close to ninety      subdivisions.                        was with the parks and
            now,” Boyle said. “It’s time for some   The next year, the mayor asked     recreation committee. He
            young blood to help out.”             Boyle to become the town’s zoning    served on the committee
               In the 1970s, before Emmitsburg    administrator, after the current one   for twenty years.
            had a parks and recreation            moved away.                             He then became a town
            committee, decisions regarding          “I was told the salary would       commissioner in 1998, and was the     year, until he took a position on the
            the town parks were made with         be ‘forthcoming,’” said Boyle. “It   president of the commission for a     planning and zoning commission in
            recommendations from a committee      turned out to be $10 a year, and I   time. He served as commissioner       2007.
            of the players, coaches, and managers   had to go to Frederick for classes on   until April 2004, when he resigned.  And it was here where he ended
            of the baseball teams in town. As a   how to do the job.”                     “I’m proud of my time on the       his service, stepping down at the
            coach, Boyle was part of that group.    Since the job was a full-time      board,” stated Boyle. “We got the     beginning of the year, having ended
               The town decided to form a         one, Boyle also continued to work    water plant built, moved the town     up where he started for forty-
            Planning and Zoning Commission        at his family grocery store in town,   office to where it is, and approved   two years of public service on the
            in 1976 to help with the needs of the   although the two jobs overlapped   some new developments.”               planning commission.
            growing town.                         at times. “I had to turn down a few     Boyle did make a run for              “I’m going to miss working with
                                                                                       mayor against eventual winner         some of the people,” expressed
                                                                                       James Hoover and current town         Boyle.
                                                                                       commissioner Cliff Sweeney.              When asked why more of the
                                                                                          “I was disappointed when I lost    “young blood” that he says is
                                                                                       at first, but within a few months,    needed aren’t putting their names
                                                                                       I was grateful,” said Boyle. “My      forward to help, Boyle said, “I
                                                                                       wife’s health was bad, and I wanted   think they’re afraid they’re going
                                                                                       to be with her.”                      to hurt somebody’s feelings. I lost
                                                                                          Boyle returned to public service   some friends, but you have to do
                                                                                       in 2006, when he was appointed to     what’s best for the town. I’m proud
                                                                                       serve as an alternate on the board    of this town, and I was proud to
                                                                                       of appeals. He served there for a     help it.”
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