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                       Play Our Games!                                                                               All of  us at  The Catoctin Banner  would
                                                                                                                     like  to  thank  our  wonderful  readers  for
                                                                                                                     sending  us  their  “Take  Us  Along”  photos.
                                                                                                                     Keep them coming! Happy and safe travels!
             Each month, you’re invited to participate in our Where Am I? Photo Contest
             and Hidden Object Game. The winners of each game are announced in the next
             issue of  The Catoctin Banner  newspaper.  Winners  are  given  a  gift  certificate   Look Who Took Us Along!
             to the advertiser of their choice. To participate, call 240-288-0108 or email
             [email protected] to record your guesses by the 15  of each
             month. Please don’t forget to spell your full name and leave your phone number.

                      Where Am I? Photo Contest

             For the “Where Am I?” Photo
             Contest, take a look at the photo
             to the right and tell us where it
             was taken. It is somewhere in or
             around our Northern Frederick
             County Area, which is defined
             as Rocky Ridge to Cascade,
             Lewistown to Emmitsburg,
             Foxville to Creagerstown, and
             everywhere around and in-
               Last month’s “Where Am I?”
             photo was taken at High Bridges
             on Route 550, west of Thurmont.
               The winner of the Where Am
             I? Photo Contest for February’s
             issue is Eric Hurley.
                                                                                           Rick  and  Susan  Jordan  didn’t  forget  to  take  us  along on  their  trip!

                          Hidden Object Contest                                              “We are loyal  Catoctin Banner readers, and we made
                                                                                             sure  the  Banner traveled  with  us  to  Siesta Key,  Florida!”
             Last month’s Hidden Object was a teddy bear. It was located on page 34 in
             the Deer Run Farm advertisement. The winner of the Hidden Object game
             for February’s issue is Kristin Fry. Please contact The Catoctin Banner to          — Thanks for taking us along, Rick and Susan!
             claim your prize.

             This month’s Hidden Object is Waldo     …Where’s Waldo?  Good luck!

               Note: Hidden Object is always hidden in one of our advertiser’s display ads.

                           Test Your Word Power
                            Test Your Word Power
                           “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”  Take The Catoctin Banner newspaper with you on your travels! Have someone take a photo
                                                                                             of you holding The Catoctin Banner and your photo could be included in a future issue. Email
                                          (Answers on page 46)
                                                                                             your photo, along with the details of where you traveled, name(s) of person(s) pictured, and
                                                                                             any other details you would like to add, to: [email protected]. Safe travels!
               1. A bo und  [əˈbound] (v.)       4.  P r o c liv it y   [prōˈklivədē] (n.)
                 a) Bring to a state of peace; pacify  a) A person who demands perfection
                 b) Exist in large numbers or amounts  b) Confusing or difficult problem or question;
                 c) Make (someone) annoyed, impatient, or   dilemma
                   angry.                          c) Tendency to choose or do something regularly;                       The goal of The Catoctin Banner is to provide good
                                                                                                                          community news and information for residents of
                                                     bias                                                                 Northern Frederick County, promoting a sense of
               2. Al l e g or y   [aləɡôrē] (n.)                                                                                  community pride and spirit.
                 a) Social blunder; careless mistake  5.  I ng r ai n  [ənɡrān] (v.)      Serving Northern Frederick County, Maryland  Published on or before the beginning of each month. Publish
                                                                                                     since 1995
                 b) Failure to take proper care in doing   a) Express or show sorrow or regret  515B E. Main Street • Emmitsburg, MD  21727  date will be early if holidays or events warrant adjustment.
                                                                                                                          AD/CONTENT DEADLINE:  On or before the 15  of month
                   something                       b) Firmly establish a habit, belief, or attitude in a   Phone: 240-288-0108 Message Line  prior to issue month. YEARLY SUBSCRIPTIONS: $25.00
                 c) Story, poem, or picture that can be   person                         301-447-2804 Store  •  Fax: 301-447-2946  The Banner Crew: Barbara Abraham, Jeanne Angleberger, Theresa
                   interpreted to reveal hidden meaning  c) Make available or provide   Dardanell, Anita DiGregory, Joan Fry, Jim Houck, Jr., Christine
                                                                                           email: [email protected]  Maccabee, John Nickerson, Valerie Nusbaum, Erin Dingle, Maxine
               3. Rauc o us   [rôkəs] (adj.)     6.  I ns a t i abl e  [inˈsāSHəb(ə)l] (adj.)  CIRCULATION: 11,500 copies printed; 8,500 mailed to all   Troxell, Buck Reed, Denise Valentine, Dr. Lo, and Lisa Cantwell.
                 a) Making a disturbingly harsh and loud   a) Firm in purpose; unwavering  homes in Thurmont, Lewistown, Rocky Ridge, Cascade,   Gracie Eyler, Monica Rode, Shelby Maly, and Elizabeth
                                                                                                                                  Swindells, Advertising Design;
                   noise; grating                  b) Working energetically; diligent   Sabillasville & Emmitsburg, and handouts in surrounding areas.  Michele Tester, Managing Editor and Layout Design;
                 b) Not conforming to accepted standards  c) Impossible to satisfy (of an appetite or desire);   Published as a project of  Alison Bailey, Advertising Sales;
                 c) Scornfully arrogant; snobbish    greedy                               E Plus Graphics, Printing & Promotions   James Rada, Jr., Contributing Editor;
                                                                                                                                  Deb Abraham Spalding, Publisher
                    7. W hi c h w o r d  abo v e  w o ul d w o r k  bes t   i n t hi s   s en t en c e ?  POLICY:   The publisher of The Catoctin Banner reserves the right to revise, reclassify, or reject any advertisement or any article for any
                                                                                        reason, at any time, and to omit all copy when not submitted in time to conform with deadline.  The views expressed in advertisements may
               Since the basketball player had a _______ to play his best at crunch time, the coach kept him on the   not be those supported by the staff of The Catoctin Banner.  The deadline for submission is no later than the 20th of the month prior to the
                                     bench until the fourth quarter.                    issue month.  Information and advertising copy received after the deadline will be accepted at the discretion of the publisher.  The publisher
                                                                                        assumes no liability for misinformation, misprinting, or typographical errors.  The publisher reserves the right to edit all submitted material.
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