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Thurmont Deb Spalding
High School This year, Photo by Stephanie Freniere Calhoun, 2
Celebrates the Emmitsburg Prize, Darren
Heritage Day Event
Fry, 3 Prize,
100 th was spectacular Lynzee Davis,
Anniversary for visitors and and Honorable
Mention, Abigail
town residents.
See page 10 for the story. The volunteers Mae Turner;
who worked on Middle School
the Emmitsburg Division—1
Dedication Heritage Day Prize, Gabrielle
Committee planned
Lee Archie, 2
Ceremony all year to make Prize, Emily
Held to the day a success. Grace Williams,
The weather was
3 Prize, Shae
Honor a beautiful, the people Lynn Archie
True Hero were happy, and Fuller, and
the fireworks were
See page 15 for the story. fabulous. Volunteer Mention,
Jim Houck, Jr., said, Marques Miller;
“All (members) Brandon Burris, Savannah Phebus, and Jayson Howard were some of the game winners during High School
Four CHS of our committee Emmitsburg Heritage Day on June 25, 2016. Division—1
are truly dedicated
Prize, Eli Fryer.
Wrestlers to helping our Business Association), parade (Sons A beach week
to Medal- community, especially the kids, enjoy of the American Legion), music raffle was also held as a fundraiser
a day of fun and games.”
for next year’s event, and the
(Knights of Columbus), food (SAL
Winning Although it was originally an and Lions), field games (Lions), and winner was local resident, Kendall
Rounds Emmitsburg Lions Club event, it kids activities (Christ’s Community Moore, from Pembrook Woods.
Thanks to all who participated and
Church) at the festival.”
is now a cooperative effort among
See page 24 for the story. multiple organizations. It is hoped Jim Houck and Mike Hartdagen congratulations to the Moore family!
that the festival will continue in the coordinated the parade that followed At the Memorial event, all were
future with even more involvement the traditional route from the touched by guest speaker, Brenda
Community from the community. Jennifer Joy, Doughboy on West Main Street to Sheaffer’s, story as someone with
the square, then down South Seton
Heritage Day Committee chair, said,
severe learning disabilities who
Park’s Ash “It was a wonderful day because of Avenue. Houck boasted, “The struggled to make a living and be
Trees Dying the involvement and support of all turnout was great and we had some considered a contributor to society.
With the help of Melwood, a non-
last-minute surprises in our line up.”
of the town’s civic organizations,
Due to Asian businesses, and churches that The Parade was well attended and profit organization, she has now
Beetle make this event possible each had more than forty organizations been able to hold a position as
a custodian at the National Zoo
year. Through their generosity and
participate. Most enjoyed were the
See page 11 for the story. commitment, we are able to provide ponies and the Harmony Cornet and the Auditors Building, before
fireworks (Emmitsburg Professional Band, who also regaled with earning a security clearance to work
their talents before and after the at the White House complex. Also
Memorial Event. at the Memorial event, responders
Through a grant from the Heart to Emmitsburg’s three major fires
of the Civil War Heritage Area, were honored and thanked for their
a History Art Contest was held. service. Parade awards were given to
Coupled with donations from “Best In” categories, and Art contest
local organizations and donors, awards were given out to winners.
$1,100 in prizes was distributed to At the Bandstand, Miriam
nine winners in three categories. Warther of Fairfield, Synergy (a girl
Art Contest Winners: Elementary group from the Let there be Rock
Division—1 Prize, Arianna … Continued on page 18
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