Walddorfer SV - fistball in Hamburg

Walddörfer SV is a symbol of the slumber of some fistball clubs in Germany - with a lot of commitment, the club now wants to get children and young people excited about fistball again.

Walddörfer SV is located in the northeastern Hamburg district of Volksdorf and has been playing fistball since 1945. The department initially consisted of many teachers from the local schools and even the principal and janitor played fistball. At times, the fistball department included up to 30 players - there was also once a youth team at the WSV, reported https://onlinecricket.bet/ipl-betting-apps/.


Today, the club plays in the Hamburg federation league and the longest-serving player is department head Helmut "Mücke" Peters, who has been with the club for almost 70 years. In the past, the WSV was able to become Hamburg champion and successfully participated in some tournaments. Of the current players, two fistballers have first league experience after all: Romy Rösner played from 1998 - 2004 at ESV Dresden in the First and Second Bundesliga. Axel Elsner was also able to play in the First and Second League as a youth with Güstrower SC from 1996 to 2017, in addition to participating in various GDR championships.

Helmut Peters, Axel Elsner and Hartmut Klaproth jointly take over the organization for fistball at the WSV. "Basically, fistball at Walddörfer SV (as in Hamburg in general) was practically dead. There were hardly enough players to keep up training and because of the age structure, the number of players was decreasing. Inspired by Claus Ehlbeck and his success with the Refugees at ETV and the addition of "new" players with first league experience, we sat down together and discussed what could be done. During the Corona pandemic, we followed the club's hygiene rules and slowly started again," Hartmut Klaproth explains the situation of the sport of fistball at Walddörfer SV.

In addition, the WSV has created a group on Facebook and created and improved its own website.

The foundation for the start to recruit new members was thus laid and those responsible for the department could now also ask the club for help:

"We then approached the association, which has an integration officer as well as a school coordinator. First, we started an initiative in a residential accommodation for refugees in our own district. There we were able to achieve initial success with the children and young people and organize a trial lesson as well as a first regular training session. Unfortunately, the second Corona wave stopped us abruptly here and we had to discontinue the initiative. After it was foreseeable in the summer of 2021 that the Corona restrictions would gradually be relaxed, we were able to establish initial contacts with schools in the surrounding area with the support of the association. The Gymnasium Ohlstedt was very taken with the idea of offering fistball as an AG in afternoon care. In particular, the video of the 2011 World Cup final and the two image trailers from the DFBL broke the ice here. As a result, a trial lesson was offered and, contrary to our fears, some students came to try out fistball. In the meantime, this has become a permanent offer, which is accepted by 5 to 8 students in grades 5 and 6.

The enthusiasm of some of these participants encourages them to do more. Afterwards, a sports course of the upper secondary school takes place in the hall. The teacher was enthusiastic about fistball and together with us he now conducts a unit of fistball (about 6 double lessons). In addition, we now also offer an AG for ball games at the Stadtteilschule Walddörfer, which is attended by more than 10 children in the second grades. The aim here is to gradually incorporate fistball elements and thus awaken enthusiasm for fistball. We already had some children at the training, but integration into the adult training is problematic. We have interested young people, also from the AGs at the schools can still add some. But at the moment we have no children / young people in the club training. We therefore consider it a success that we were able to install the AGs. Summarizes Hartmut Klaproth the actions of the WSV for the member production.

But the club is not only active in the schools, the WSV can now also boast its own fistball court thanks to a high level of initiative.


In the Allmende Wulfsdorf there was a completely neglected sports field, which was brought to the attention of the Walddörfer by fellow player Volker Andresen, who lives there. Under his leadership, the court was restored by the WSV fistballers in 2020. The training on this court received a lot of positive feedback from the local residents, who were able to try out fistball themselves - but Corona unfortunately put the brakes on this development. In the meantime, this own initiative is also financially supported by the club, so that the WSV fistballers can use their court almost indefinitely.

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