First of all, in order to maintain a neutral-positive tone, it is recommended to avoid evaluative categories, humor and colorful epithets when describing your qualifications and achievements.

So, if in your resume you find the phrase "with great zeal to fulfill the duties of ordering products from suppliers" or "created great reports every day", it is better to rephrase.

When thinking about how to properly write a resume for a job, take a closer look at the e-mail address indicated in it. Such a seemingly insignificant detail can spoil the overall impression. The same can be attributed to it professional resume services online.


The second group of words to avoid are words with negative connotations. Connotations are a kind of pragmatic information that reflects not the objects and phenomena themselves, but a certain attitude towards them.


The third group of unacceptable words is slang (even professional slang) and everyday language. What is acceptable in daily business communication with closest colleagues is inappropriate in a resume or motivation letter.

Be careful with imperfect verbs

The next problematic group of words is imperfective verbs. In general, the verbs in the resume are perceived positively. They carry a charge for action and are interpreted as energy and readiness of the candidate for work.


When paying attention to how to properly write a resume for a job, use abbreviations carefully. The fifth group of unwanted words are incomprehensible abbreviations. Do not forget that your resume may have many readers, and not all of them are familiar with specific abbreviations. Do not expect them to take the time to actively seek additional information about these ambiguities. Don't expect them to call you and clarify them. For the sake of correctness, it is best to avoid abbreviations if they are not in common use.

Before sending your resume, it is better to carefully check it for the absence of "worst words" and quickly get rid of them. If you yourself have compiled your resume, then it will be useful to give it to another person (friend, colleague, relative) who has never seen it before. Ask him to test him for the "worst words." This is the so-called "principle of four eyes": a fresh eye can notice what the author of the resume has missed.

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