As the droughts in the Mid-West have affected large portions of the agricultural business, so has it affected local farmers and businesses. Jerry Lillich, manager of Thurmont Feed Store, LLC, said, “We are a bit concerned about the situation in agriculture in general.” For example, he sees a lot of horse owners wondering “Can we afford this?”

The result: a lot of unhappy people. Because the farming costs are rising, the prices of animal feed are also being pushed upward. Despite the droughts and the damper it has put on business, Thurmont Feed Store is working to keep its costs low and its customers happy. Owned by Ronald and Daniel Hoke, father and son, Thurmont Feed Store has been providing animal feed since March 2007 for commercial and companion animals. Lillich explained that their feed prices are competitive and lower than many other feed stores. They offer less expensive substitutes, as well as brand name feed. “There’s no such thing as cheap now,” Lillich said. However, price is not a good indicator of quality.

Thurmont Feed Store is especially dedicated to quality animal feed,  since the Hokes own two other feed stores in West York and Abbottstown, Pennsylvania,where they manufacture feed every week. “We don’t put it in fancy bags,” Lillich said. But this allows for the feed to be fresher and usually cheaper. Mainly, they sell a large variety of feed for all kinds of animals, from cows, chickens, sheep, and hogs to horses, dogs, cats, and alpacas. Lillich said that he’s also noticed some customers are buying deer feed to “indirectly feed the deer in the area.” In addition to offering regular feed, Thurmont Feed Store can combine and mix a custom formula as long as it’s safe. If needed, the Hokes, Lillich, or any of the other employees can provide information and services for almost any species.

Thurmont Feed Store is also an Archer Daniel Midlands dealership and will deliver relatively small quantities of feed to local customers. Thurmont Feed Store is located on 36 Walnut St. Their hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. They can be contacted at 301-271-7321.

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