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Publisher’s note: As of January 2013, we decided to revise George’s “This and That Column” on a monthly basis, and we have some plans underway to archive George’s work for the good of all.

George wrote for various publications like the Catoctin Enterprise, The Times Monthly, The Thurmont Times, Cozy News, The Baltimore Sun, High Green, Thurmont Topics, Water Under the Bridge, and more, as well as some column articles written for “Then and Now,” “This and That,” “Did You Know?” George’s articles are timeless. Some are historical, some opinionated, some intended to evoke change. We hope that his work will continue to move, educate and inspire you.

Faith is…..

Pacing our Progress

Have you ever given thought to the fact that faith appears at times to be inflicted with contradictions or paradoxes? it may seem like a juggling act in a possibility thinking came. If this be so…..remember this:

Faith is an art. Never consider it a science. Faith advances for a season, then retreats the next. We are ambitious for a season, then relaxed; we become aggressive, then inactive; giving, then taking.

Consider the positive and negative wires that generate the power of electricity, so in faith, negatives are used with positives to create mountain-moving energy to those of us who are believers.

Make no mistake about it, Faith is pacing our progress. The challenges come in knowing: when to push forward, when to hold back; when to dig in, when to yield; when to hold on, when to let go; when to plan alone, when to form a partnership.

It is Faith that paces our progress through life with a rhythmic steadiness regulated by an all-wise timekeeper, God Almighty. When we have strong faith, we are assured of the divine guidance to MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE, IN THE RIGHT WAY, AT THE RIGHT TIME.

I have found through faith, when I kneel to pray to God for His wisdom, I seem to reach the level of Faith where contradictions become very constructive; and the paradoxes become truth.

As we go through life we must have Faith and trust in God to give us His sense of timing. We must pace ourselves. Now we wait. Now we move. Now we race! Then we rest and then we leap. Then we walk slowly.

You know, possibility thinkers never quit….they just change their pace and end up winning the race. We need a strong faith if we are to be assured of receiving God’s devine guidance that will enable us to experience the exhilaration in the ebb and flow of Faith’s pilgrimage.

To everything there is a season/A time for every purpose under heaven…./A time to plant/ And a time to pluck what is planted…./A time to break down,/And a time to build up….” Ecclesiastes 3:1